Catpain’s Log 009 – xCoding XRP

Ever read a Dan Brown book? I have. A lot of people will have heard of this Novel, “The Davinci Code” [1]. In short, it’s a mystery, suspense book where the main character Robert Langdon embarks on an adventure to search for a real life Holy Grail. The man is a symbologist and on his journey he deciphers countless meanings behind paintings and object to help solve the mystery of finding the grail. “A picture is worth a thousand words” as the saying goes, but Langdon would say “Which words?”

Symbols are at the heart of every civilization. Use them every day! From the app icons on our smartphones to the alphabet to the markings on our currency. Symbols are instantly recognizable and when looking at one you may identify with the meaning immediately.

Let’s take a look at a widely known symbol. It’s a very important one. And you don’t even have to be a math geek to know it! Pi!

Image result for pi

This singular symbol is a cornerstone of mathematics; geometry. Unlink a flag it is also a unit of measurement. Pi is used as an angle measurement expressed in the unit radians. But if you prefer degrees, one Pi is 180 degrees. Two Pi and you get a full circle.

Alright, so units and instant identification and meaning make up a good symbol. A currencies do this exactly. Here are two currency symbols. Can you tell what country they belong to?

Image result for indian rupee symbolImage result for british pound symbol

On the left is the Indian Rupee symbol, and the British Pound symbol on the right. Each, when seen, can easily strike in the mind of the view what country that money came from. I argue XRP needs the same. Bitcoin even does this! The capital ‘B’ with two lines down.

Image result for bitcoin symbol

When I think of XRP I think of this symbol. The symbol is that of a triskelion, and it has been around for years. To me, it reminds me of their three core software offerings; xRapid, xCurrent, xVia. All joined together.

Image result for ripple symbol

When thinking of XRP you may be tricked into thinking that the Ripple triskelion is good enough, but you’d be dead wrong. Ripple and XRP are totally different things. XRP is the digital asset that flows like drops of water on the Interledger that has a caretaker; Ripple.

The XRP community has called for a design. There have been numerous submissions. All you have to do is take a look at the @xrpsmbol twitter account to see the various tweets and ideas of others.

Here are a couple of the submissions from that twitter account:

CoinTrek even has one! Although mine is less of a creation and points out something that’s already out there. I even like the explanation behind it. I had this idea of complex numbers. There’s a real part and an imaginary one.

Image result for complex numbers

The ledger is very real and we use it to confirm transactions we make. Swapping IOU’s actually. But XRP is the enabler of said ledger and maybe it’s analogous to the imaginary part. I was searching about for existing symbols for imaginary parts of numbers. Of course there’s the italicised letter ‘i’ that we all know from high school algebra. But what about those fancy math papers? Then I remembered writing a document in LaTeX and thought of a font. Why don’t we just use this? It’s simple. The image below is the symbol ‘I’ from the Fraktur script [2][3]. There a loads of angles and is used by LaTex for, you guessed it, the imaginary number symbol. Nobody would see it coming either, and it already exists!

Call me silly but there’s kind of a backward ‘P’ and forward ‘R’ in there too. Not seeing an ‘X’ though. Just drop a line in there somewhere and call it a day!

File:Fraktur I symbol.png

Symbols are important. The community is adoping one. Years from now, the adoped symbol for XRP is going to be globally recognizable. The question I submit to you is, will you rember the days you owned XRP before then?