Captain’s Log 007 – Ripple Leads The Way

Primary Field of Focus: Ripple – Leading the Way.Today I want to write about a recent occurrence in the realm of crypto and why I think that it is important.Ripple recently announce in a public statement [1] that they were giving $29 Million dollars worth of $XRP to DonorsChoosefor the benefit of teachers in the classroom for Best School Day This single donation of cryptocurrency is special because it is notably the largest ever donated in a single instance before. Check out their YouTube video! The founders of OmiseGO (OMG), Jun Hasegawa, and Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, also donated $1Million to Ugandan Refugees [2]. The average person even has the opportunity donate to charity with their own cryptocurrency through an organization called Fidelity Charitable. There is even a little known crypto called Donationcoin (DON). That particular crypto doesn’t seem to have much activity, but at least the concept is out there. If there’s another one out there, let me know. I’d be curious.The act of giving $29 Million to Donors Choose by Ripple is not some publicity stunt by Ripple. I’d venture to say there is way more behind it than that. Yes their name is out there, but for starters, Ripple isn’t just a crypto. Like OmiseGo, they are a company. This single act will help show other companies out there that, one, donating in crypto is possible and a good thing, and two, they are carrying the torch leading the way to encourage other companies to do the same. Now 35,000 classrooms across the country are having their needs fulfilled because of $XRP.Another significant effect, in my opinion, is the market stimulation. DonorsChoose didn’t get $29 United States Dollars, they have it in $XRP. DonorsChoose has to liquidate all of the $XRP into USD to obtain their donation for it to be useful to them. That means selling on markets. At the time of donation $XRP was trading at $0.53, so the $29 Million donation released a new 54,716,981 $XRP onto the market. I know Ripple still has boat loads of $XRP of their own, but it’s now less! This is good for the market because, first, Ripple itself has less of a piece of the overall market. Second, because of the increase in trade volume over the coming weeks as DonorsChoose sells off their donation. They agreed not to sell it all at once, as is their policy with donated shares of a company, according to CNBC [3].In the future, it is my hope and also I expect there will be additional companies contributing to society by donating their crypto. As new companies are created and their crypto assets obtain and grow value, a great source of financial power is wielded. One that can benefit any charity should that company or crypto organization choose to follow Ripple’s lead. In the market volatility of crypto currency $29 Million is created and lost on a weekly basis. We should try and do some good with it while we ride the roller coaster!References:


Captain’s Log 006 – Introducing Warp Fields!

When I first started CoinTrek, I couldn’t help but dive in aimlessly and start writing, and my goal to earn a single bitcoin quickly became a limiting factor in the development of this blog. Since then I have reimagined what CoinTrek will become. Now with great pleasure I bring to you Warp Fields! One of my greatest fascinations with Star Trek was the mere fact that almost everything was plausible. I read a book in my early college days called, “The Physics of Star Trek” [1]. In that book I first came to realize that a man named Miguel Alcubierre had actually invented Warp Drive. Albeit on paper, but the math existed! Isn’t that awesome? We as a species have the brain power to figure out how to warp space. Unfortunately, the energy requirements are impossible with today’s technology but I am confident that humanity will get there one day.

The Alcubierre Drive got me thinking. CoinTrek is trying to cover a broad range of topics, but I only need one niche, and then it hit me. Just like any starship needs a warp field to travel, I need one too. A Field of Focus! Cointrek will now have Warp Fields of Focus! Now, I do not wish to abandon entirely my other interests, so there will be four Fields of Focus starting out. However, only one of them will be my primary field of focus at any given time. The others shall be secondary. Moving forward I plan to blog monthly about my primary field of focus and one of the three secondaries. If I have time for a third or more then I will do so.

Primary Warp Field: – Ripple, $XRP

My primary field of focus moving forward is going to be Ripple! I repeatedly kept coming back to a single crypto subject that I feel strongly about. Ripple is a company that is going to change the world. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon here by any means because of the $XRP hype last December 2017. I will disclose that I own some $XRP, but I got in before it broke above $0.20. That’s late compared to some people who’ve been into this since 2013.

Here’s what Ripple has on everyone else in crypto:

  1. A dream team company that is making all of the right moves. All you have to do is go check out their own blog and twitter feeds to see their progress.
  2. Multi-faceted technology that extends beyond just sending around XRP. Ripple goes so much beyond its native token, $XRP.
  3. My opinion. Ripple is the most likely to be adopted not only by crypto fan boys and girls, but by industry and regulators.

I will be joining the ranks of what I call “Ripple Reporters”. THese are the men and women that scour the interwebs for information to discuss related to Ripple, and frequent xrpchat[2]. They have their own blogs too. One of my inspirations was a person with the handle Hodor, @Hodor7777 on twitter [3]. I am looking forward to seeing how I fall into this niche.

Secondary Warp Fields

CoinTrek started out talking areas of investing and education, and I have refashioned them into the secondary Warp Fields of Focus. Neither of them has priority over the other, but these represent areas in crypto I want to touch on.

Secondary Warp Field #1 – Achievement

The achievement field of focus will cover all things that I have personally accomplished on my own CoinTrek. This field will focus on earning cryptocurrency, technical development, and cryptocurrencies that are making a difference.

Secondary Warp Field #2 – Investing

I wanted investing to be its own field of focus because I have no real desire to achieve perfection with it. I am not a day trader or swing trader, I am an investor. Fundamentally, if a company has good potential, I am interested. This field of focus will dwell on what I’ve done to keep track of my portfolio and any major moves that I make. As always, for you the reader, only invest in anything what you are personally willing to lose. Any sort of investment moves I make are my own.

Secondary Warp Field #3 – Crypto Culture

This is going to be one of my own most interesting fields of focus because I want to touch on the waves of change crypto and crypto-industry is making on society. There are points worth talking about in both an internal and external context. For instance, internally, crypto is has lots of issues with scamming and hacks. ICOs are taking investor money and not delivering much. What can be done to make your grandmother comfortable with buying cryptocurrency? In another light, how about indirect impacts? Such as companies and crypto organizations. How they treat employees. How diverse are they? What is the makeup of such places? This field of focus is broad and the topics may range widely but I think it’s important to write about. After all, isn’t that what Star Trek was always about? Talking about the hard topics. Getting you to think.

There you have it! I will start on this style of writing starting next month. You may have already noticed that my bitcoin gauge has been replaced with an XRP gauge. I placed a maximum of 10,000 as a placeholder and I may set a goal for myself in the future. For now I intend to collect more XRP relative to any other crypto in my portfolio and I wanted a shiny gauge for it.



CoinTrek – New Year New Me!

I have been out a while folks.  I have been working a bunch of things, but the important part is my life has stabilized.  I’ve moved, started a new job, and among other things generally have been adjusting.  Now I’m ready to jump back in!

Moving forward…

Originally I had set out to earn a Bitcoin. One single bitcoin.  The more I’ve thought about this, the more I believe that I have narrowed myself down into a corner too much. Leaving little room for growth.  I have put a lot of thought into what CoinTrek and I’ll be coming up with a new angle soon. The reason for this is I’ve asked around the community and decided it best that I find a good niche, dig in, and become more consistent.

Coming up… I have a few accomplishments that I want to share.  In the past couple of months, with the time I did have, I’ve built a mining rig and have started earning cryptocurrency.  The learning experiecne is good, and I still want to share it.

Also, I can see I’ve built up a few followers! I’m really thrilled to have you all.  So, moving forward I’m setting a couple goals for myself:

  1. Devising a new and better angle for CoinTrek.
  2. Regular blog posts – I’m going to shoot for about every two weeks.
  3. Sharing the past couple months of learning with you.
  4. Creating a CoinTrek path for any “coin-trekkie” out there.

As always, if you have something specific of interest. I’m happy to write my thoughts on it. Drop me a line!

P.s. – My Bitcoin gauge is neat but it might become a gauge for something else! Stay tuned.