CoinTrek – Introduction

I am on a CoinTrek…

If you’re like me and found out about the crytptocurrency world a little while after everyone else did, guess what?!? You now have an enormous hill to climb up. That is unless you have the ability to buy your first Bitcoin outright. How can a person with no knowledge of crypto go from nothing to earning a single bitcoin? A few months? A year? Maybe longer? I put emphasis on earning. Nothing given to a person is ever valuable, and I am only interested in earning a bitcoin.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle how an average person got started and worked up to a single Bitcoin. I’ll take you on a journey with me as I learn about cryptocurrencies, discover sources of information and use them,  build computers on the technical side of the house, and create my own cryptocurrency portfolio and manage it along the way. After I reach this goal, I intend to use what I’ve learned to help others interested in doing the same.

A little about myself to give you an idea of what kind of person is undertaking this venture. First and foremost, I am a science fiction geek. Hence “Trek” in the label for this whole thing.  I am an engineer by trade and I have lots of technical skills and knowledge when it comes to computers.  I read finance books on the side for kicks and I have a large interest in aviation.  To put it simply, my hobby is learning! I am an information sponge.

To set the record straight, my goals are:

  1. Earn a single bitcoin.
  2. Build a solid crypto-asset portfolio.
  3. Learn as much as I possibly can!!!
  4. After I earn my first bitcoin, continue on to help others do the same!

Moving forward I am setting a couple rules for myself:

  1. I will not buy an entire bitcoin outright.  I may buy a fraction of a bitcoin here and there in an attempt to benefit from a market gain, use a service, purchase a product, or trade for altcoin(s). One exception is a monthly investment because in my mind that’s the same as benefiting from a market gain.
  2. I will not accept an entire bitcoin as a gift from anyone or anywhere and say I earned it.  This is supposed to be something I am doing on my own.

Here’s what you’ll see me doing to achieve my goal:

  1. I will learn about markets and trading to achieve gains!
  2. I will mine! Slow at first then gaining momentum.
  3. I will perform tasks or services for Bitcoin or other cyrptocurrency provided it is legal.

I am enthusiastic and eager to embark on my endeavor.  I want you to learn as much as I do. So let’s do it! Come and join me on my CoinTrek!